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Krystle Czerwinski

Customer Care Representative

Krystle Czerwinski – Customer Care Representative

Toll Free: 312.788.7980

Direct: 847.994.8020

Fax: 847.288.0278

Location: 2325 North Clark Street | Chicago, IL 60414

Hello, my name is Krystle Czerwinski and I will be your Customer Care Representative throughout your move process. I am available for any questions whenever they arise. I will be in touch with you prior to any activity that is scheduled and I will communicate with you on your packing and loading dates to insure all your expectations are being met.

I have been employed withJackson Moving & Storage since 2003. I have spent the last 5 years mastering the art of customer care as I methodically coordinate every detail of the relocation process for individual families and large corporate transfers. During this time period, I have learned the challenges that can arise during a relocation and how best to avoid them.

I truly enjoy working with the North American team and the dedicated approach they have in servicing our customers. I appreciate the opportunity to work with all the different families that I service and the enjoyment of making this transitional stage in their lives as stress free as possible. If you excuse the pun, this is a time when everything is “moving forward”.

You have made and excellent choice in choosing North American as your careful movers. Together we can make your “move forward” a satisfying experience.

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