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Small Shipment Program

Chicago Small Shipment Program

Many people believe that if they only have a few rooms to move, they cannot hire movers to do it for them. Instead, they rent a truck and ask family and friends to help with all the heavy lifting. This is not the case at all.

Jackson Moving & Storage has a Chicago small shipment program that was tailored to fit people who do not have that much to move. If you will be moving from an apartment, condo or dorm this is the economical choice for you.

What’s a Small Household Move?

Our small shipment program is meant for people who need to move four rooms or less. If you fall into that category, we will send two to three professional small shipment movers to your location. They will handle the entire small shipment movers project, from start to finish. We are the Chicago small residential moving company you can call to complete your move.

Let our Chicago Small Household Movers Take the Stress Away

It is normal to assume you can just do it yourself if your household is small, but why deal with the hassle? It would be much better to sit back and let our Chicago small household movers handle the heavy lifting. By hiring professional small shipment movers you will not have to worry about carrying awkward pieces of furniture and packing the truck properly to make sure your items arrive damage free.

If you would like to compare us to other Chicago small residential moving companies, fill out our online quote form for your free estimate. We will obtain all the details on your move and discuss any additional services such as packing and unpacking that you would like our movers to perform. We will then create a moving plan that fits your needs and schedule.

Small Shipment Movers

For more information regarding our small household movers in Chicago, contact Jackson Moving & Storage today. We also offer storage solutions should you need to store some of you belongings before, during or after your move. We look forward in assisting you with your next relocation.