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Angel Burl

Customer Care Representative

Angel Burl - Customer Care Representative Email:

Direct: 847.994.8014

Fax: 847.288.0278


Hello my name is Angel Burl and I will be your Customer Care Representative throughout your move process. I am available for any questions whenever they arise. I will be in touch with you prior to any activity that is scheduled and I will communicate with you on your pack, load and delivery dates to insure all expectations are being met.

I’ve been employed with Jackson Moving since April of 2012, and I have 18 years experience in the moving industry.

I currently coordinate OA’s, Corporate Relocations, Private Transferee’s, and Military. I’m here to ensure that your relocation is seamless and adheres to the highest quality standards.

In choosing Jackson Moving, you can rely on comprehensive services, efficiency, and the secure transport of your valuables.